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22 Parish of Collessie

[Note] The tradition of the Country states that a castle stood here which was occupied by freebooters, who were the scourge of the neighbourhood. Their ravages becoming rather extensive, the inhabitants of the locality resolved upon drowning them all within their own Castle, & this they tried to effect by throwing up the ridge now called "Park Hill" in order to dam Collessie Burn, and cause it to overflow the robbers stronghold. This proceeding, as tradition informs us, failed, the embankments giving way at the place now called Gaddon which received its name from the ramparts going down (gad - down). This tradition is very improbable, seeing that it is not mentioned in any written account, & that "Park Hill" is a natural feature. It was furnished to Mr. Thomas Smith by Mr. John Scott & Mr D. Melville, both old residents in Collessie.

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