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DENMILL CASTLE (Ruins of) Denmill Castle (ancient) (In ruins)
Denmill Castle (ancient) (In ruins)
Denmill Castle (ancient) (In ruins)
Denmill Castle (ancient) (In ruins)
Mr. John Duncan Denmill
Mr. Cameron Ph. [Parochial] School.
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Duncan Ph. [Parish] Minister.
Johnston's Co. [County] Map
009 [situation] About 1 mile W.N.W. [West North West] of the Village of Lindores.
The roofless ruins of an old Castle on the farm of Denmill the walls are four storys high and about six feet thick the interior is a [ruinous] mass of apartments all arched with stone over head. the date of its erection as well as that at which it became a ruin is locally unknown. it belonged to a family of the name of Balfour and there is a current local tradition concerning the last occupier of that name, to the effect that he rode forth from the Castle one morning as was generally his custom, and he was never seen or heard of afterwards.

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18 Parish of Abdie Plan 9B Trace 1

[Side Note] "the house of Denmiln which was erected in 1670 is now a complete ruin. It is situated on the side of the road to Newburgh nearly opposite to Clatchartcraig. In the aisle of the old church of Abdie are mural tablets with Latin inscriptions which have been erected to the memory of James Balfour and his father Sir Michael and here or in the adjoining church yard they were both interred." Lieghton's Hist. [History] of Fife Vol.II P. 149 [Volume 2 page 149]

[Side Note] "The mansion of Den Mill built 1679 is in the same state and shows the havock of time and the more wasteful and deplorable steps of adversity supiness and neglect." Old Stat. Acct. Vol.14 p119 [Statistical Account Volume 14 page 119]

[Side Note] There is reason to doubt the accuracy of the dates given by the above authorities From the style of the building and thickness of the walls it must be of an earlier date and...

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