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Earls Hall
Earls Hall
Peter Bogie Farmer Reres.
Johnston's Co. [County] Map.
James Stenhouse Farmer Commerton.
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
Co. [County] Map.
Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland.
Road Map.
Sinclair's Sta. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 18 p. [page] 593.
007 [situation] About 1 3/4 miles North from Kincaple
A large mansion four stories high, with a turret at the South side and another at the East end, the top of each is flush with the ridge of the building. It is bearing date 1546 for when it was founded, and 1617 for when finished. It is the ancient residence of the Bruces, the most remarkable of which was the "Hero of Airsmoss" who was a great persecutor of the Covenanters. It is at present the property of Colonel Long Bromley Hill Kent, who keeps it in a middling state of repair on account of its antiquity. It is unoccupied and under the management of James Stenhouse Farmer Commerton who is in possession of the keys, so as to admit any visitors that may wish to see it.

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Parish of Leuchars -- Plan 7.C. Trace 1
[signed] P.McHugh Pte. RS&M [Private. Royal Sappers & Miners]

Earlshall [Note] "Earlshall is an interesting object.
Its venerable Hall whose roof and
walls are crowded with crests inscriptions &c,
is well worthy the attention of the antiquary.
The Castle was anciently a
place of strength and one of
the strongholds of the Earls of Fife: dismantled however by
the English in the fourteenth Century."
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Fife 1845 p. [page] 223.

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