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GUARD BRIDGE [bridge] Guard Bridge
Guard Bridge
Guard Bridge
Guard Bridge
Guard Bridge
Guard Bridge
Guard Bridge
Guard or Gair Bridge
Guard or Gair Bridge
Guard or Gair Bridge
Gare Bridge
Thomas Shaw Esqr. Cupar
Robert Haig Esqr. Seggie Distillery
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County Voters' Register
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Johnston's Co. [County] Map
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006 [situation] About 1/2 Mile South from Seggie Distillery
The Guard Bridge is a large bridge of Six arches over the Eden on the road from St. Andrews to Cupar. It was constructed by Bishop Wardlaw about four centuries ago. There are three coats of arms; one on the keystone, and one on the arch at each side of it, they are all obliterated. A person of the name of [Ware] had a small piece of land granted to him, for minding the bridge, and acting as doomster to the Bishop's Court of Regality. There was a chain across the bridge to prevent any but the gentry to cross, the commonality had to cross the ford. The bridge is just wide enough to admit of one carriage to cross A number of houses on the North and South side of the Eden, one and two stories high, with the harbour and sheds on the North side, all in good repair, with gardens attached; form the village of Guard Bridge. The greater part of the inhabitants work at the distillery, the rest are agricultural labourers. The houses on the South side belong to Mr. Charles [Ware] and are built on the property that was presented to his ancestors. Those on the North side belong to J. H. Rigg Esqr. of Tarvit and Mr. Spence, Guard Bridge.

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In the Description the names of the owners of the houses on the South and North sides of the Eden are not clear: Warr and Rigg

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