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[Quotation] "On the Greencraig a little to the eastward of the manse are two concentric circles of rough stones at no great distance from each other which extend round the hill near to its summit except on its north side where it is precipitous"
"Some have supposed that they are the remains of an ancient Camp of the Danes which had two lines of circumvallation that when the Danes invaded the country for plunder they here deposited their spoils untill they found it necessary from being attacked by the natives to remove their pillage to their boats in the Tay. Others have supposed that they are the remains of a fort erected by the natives for the purpose of defending themselves and their property against the predatory incursions of the Danes or other enemies." New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Fife p. 644

[Quotation] "At a little distance north-west from the church-yard, and within a mile in a direct line from the Tay, upon the top of a round hill of no great height, the remains of an ancient British hill-fort may still be very distinctly traced. It consists of two concentric circles of stones; the inner circle inclosing the summit of the hill, and the outer, which is at some distance, inclosing of course a much greater portion of its upper surface. Both circles consist of a collection of rough stones, rudely thrown together; but they are not now in all probability of the height they once were. Dr Greenlaw, in his Account, calls it a Roman encampment; but the learned Doctor did not advert to the fact that Roman encampments are always of a square or rectangular form, or as nearly so as the form of the ground will admit, while the hill-forts of the British people are invariably circular. He further says that the tradition with regard to it is, that when the Normans invaded the country for plunder and not for conquest, they deposited...[continued]

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