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Channel Bank
Revd. [Reverend] M. Fisher Minister Flisk
James Hay Pilot Newburgh
001 [situation] In the Firth of Tay nearly opposite Balmerino and forms an obstruction to Sailing Vessels from being situate near the Centre of the Channel.

A large sand bank visible at low water it is insulated and owes its name to the circumstance of being at the centre of the channel of the River Tay.
BALMERINO BANK Balmerino Bank For descriptive remarks see Name Book of Plan 2C
FIRTH OF TAY Firth of Tay For descriptive remarks see name book of Plan 5A

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12 Parish of [blank] Plan 1C Supplementary Trace.

[Signed] James Carpenter C. Asst. [Civilian Assistant] 5th July 1854

[Signed] H. James. Cap [Captain] RE [Royal Engineers] 17 June 1854

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