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Supposed Site of BATTLE OF MONS GRAMPIUS [sic] [Merlsford] Supposed Site of BATTLE OF MONS GRAMPIUS [sic] [Merlsford] 016 (contd) been long disputed, and in a previous part of this work we have given the generally received opinion on the subject. Certainly much might be said in favour of Colonel Millers view, and it is worthy of remark, that probably in no part of Scotland, and certainly in some of the places which have been suggested by others as the site of this great battle, has such evidence remained until modern times of a great struggle and dreadful carnage, as here. The question however is one not to be finally decided, and which must remain a Questio Vexata in the history of our country. Leighton's History of Fife"

All the remains of antiquity mentioned as having been discovered on the site of this supposed battle - not coming on this plan will appear on the adjoined - 16A.

I have made every inquiry respecting them and could obtain no information to the effect of any more being on this plan than what I have shown.

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5 Strathmiglo Parish.

[Note:] See Chalmers Caledonia Page 112. Vol I Foot note (0) et seq. "The site of this famous battle has been fought for in vain by antiquaries"
[signed] JB Capt. R.E. [Royal Engineers]

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