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QUEEN'S SEAT Queens Seat
Queens Seat
Queens Seat
Mr. Howden.
Mr. Landale, Wood Mill.
Property Map.
016 [situation] 1 mile E. [East] of Easter Cash.
A small Knowe on the west side of the road from Falkland to Auchtermuchty on which it is said Queen Mary sat, She being fatigued while walking, the Know has been partially levelled by the farmer who occupies the land, but the place is still known and bears the name.
LAWSON'S KNOWE PLANTATION Lawson's Knowe Plantation.
Lawson's Knowe Plantation
Lawson's Knowe Plantation
Mr. Brice.
Mr. Howden.
Mr. Landale.
016 [situation] 3/4 Mile S.E. by E. [South East by East] of Easter Cash.
A small mixed plantation of a semicircular form, a short distance West of Wood Mill.

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53 Plan 16B Falkland Parish.

[Deleted Entry] [Name] Hoglayers [Note] Not on this Plan.

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