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Site of FALKLAND CASTLE Falkland Castle
Falkland Castle
Falkland Castle
Falkland Castle
Mr J Dean Provost
Mr Howden
Mr Gulland
Mr. Temple, Head Gardener
016 [situation] 1 5/8 Miles S.E. [South East] of Easter Cash.
The site of Falkland Castle (which belonged at an early period to the Earls of Fife) has been pointed out by the present provost of Falkland, It stood a few Yards north of the present Palace. The Provost remembers having seen a small portion of its remains which have been long since removed "At an early period the Earls of Fife had a residence here called the Castle of Falkland. Not a vestige of this building now remains. but its site appears to have been in the immediate neighbourhood of where the Palace was afterwards built, on a part of what now forms the garden of Mr Bruce. This fortalice had in effect the honours of a Palace, while it was occupied by one of the blood royal Robert Duke of Albany, who, for 34 Years had all the power of the state in his hands under the different title of lieutenant general governor, and Regent.
Full. [Fullertons] Gazetteer Vol I page 524.

"After the lands and Castle of Falkland came to the Crown, by the forfeiture of the Earldom, the first three James's occasionally resided at the Castle enjoying the pleasures of the chase in the adjoining forest and on the Lomond Hills. and in consequence of this the charter was granted by James II [2nd] into a Royal Burgh "*

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45 Falkland Parish.

[Note] See for further information in Name book for 16D

[Note] * "It is impossible now to ascertain whether James III, [3rd] or James IV [4th] began to build the Palace, as both of these Monarchs were fond of Architecture, And both of them employed workmen at Falkland: but the work was completed by James V [5th] and the Palace from that time became a favourite residence with the Scottish Monarchs. Leighton's Hist. [History] of Fife. Vol II page 228."

[Note] "see for farther information in Name Book for 16D."

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