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MOAT [Cairneyflappet Castle] Moat (Site of)
Moat (Site of)
Moat (Site of)
P.G. Skene Esq.
Map of Town.
Leightons Hist. [History] of Fife.
016 [situation] 1/4 mile E. [East] of Strathmiglo.
The site of a large trench which was formerly filled with water, in the centre of which stood Cairneyflappet castle. No vestige of the building now remains but the situation is well delineated by the mark of the moat still visible.

[Note] "Site of" is not on Plan - as the Castle includes the moat - site of the Castle is thought to be enough here" o.m.o.
DRUMDREEL QUARRY (Sandstone) Drumdreel Quarry (Sandstone)
Drumdreel Quarry
Drumdreel Quarry (Sandstone)
Property Map.
Mr Ballingall, Lucetbank Factor.
Mr. Skinner.
016 [situation] 3/8 mile S.W. {South West] of Strathmiglo.
A large red sandstone quarry extensively worked situated on a bank about 1/4 of a mile W. [West] by South of Strathmiglo and on the property of Mr. Balfour of Balbernie.

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