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[Note:] "Cancelled see 17C"

[names] Lowrie's Knowe (remains of) [Authorities] Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Reid, Mr Hardie (Pitlessie) Mr. Lumsdain (Kirkland) [situation] A little S.E. [South East] of Kettlebridge. [descriptive remarks] The remains of a small mound or hillock supposed to be artificial. It was planted with trees & is traditionally said to be the spot where the feudal Baron of Forthar hanged a man named "Lowrie", hence its name.On making the line of road from Pettycur to Cupar part of this knowe was removed but no remains of any kind were discovered.

[Note:] " There are situated in different parts of this parish, eight barrows or tumuli : in several of which human bones have been found. Three of these barrows have names viz Pundler's Know, and Lowrie's Know, which are on the lands of Forthar, and Lackerstone on the lands of Kettle. Leighton's Hist. [History] of Fife Vol II [Volume 2] p. 241. "

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I think the reference to "Pundlers Knowe" (unclear) may be Peddlers Knowe, elsewhere in the parish.

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