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School School
Robert Ferguson. Mr Danks. 035 A school established by the Earl of Elgin for his Colliers' children ar which are taught the ordinary branches of an English eduction by Robert Ferguson Schoolmaster.
Milesmark Milesmark. Milesmark. Milesmark. Milesmark. Milesmark. Milesmark. Robert Ferguson (Milesmark).
Mr Danks (Milemark Cottage). Mr Gilles (Milesmark Cottage).
New Stat [Statistical] Acct [Account].
Co [County] Map 1841.
Road Map.
035 This Village extends from castle Row to Dander Inn. It consists of a number of scattered Cottages, feus from the Pittencrieff estate, and a few Colliers houses, a school and public house.
Inverkeithing Inverkeithing Name book 39B. 035 For descriptive remarks of the parish of Inverkeithing see name List for Plan 39B. Is detached on Plan 35A.

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Plan 35A. Trace No. 6. Parish of Inverkeithing (Detached).
School. In the village of Inverkeithing.
Milesmark. 15 Chains W [West] of Inverkeithing.

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