List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
DOVECOT CAVE T. Bywater Esqre.
John Spence
John Ness
032 A small cave near to the shore of the Frith [Firth] of Forth between E. wemyss + Buckhaven, it had several entrances but recently they have been walled up + the cave made into a pigeon house. Hence its name.
EAST LODGE [Wemyss Castle] T. Bywater Esqre.
J Bywater Esqre.
John Spence Weaver
032 A very small cottage on the west side of East Wemyss at the entrance of the approach to Wemyss Castle
FREE CHURCH [East Wemyss] T. Bywater Esqre.
J. Bywater Esqre.
John Ness (Weaver)
032 A small plain stone building at the S.W. end of the village of East Wemyss adjoining the shore

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