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DUNFERMLINE DISTRICT TRUST (No 7) 035 Under the designation "Western District of Fife Turnpike Roads" are comprehended several portions of highways upon which Toll Bars are placed under an [Act] of Parliament, the whole are clearly [defined] in a Map & Schedule in the possession [of] the Road Surveyor. The road upon [Sheet] 3 under this trust, is part of that [between] Dunfermline & KirKcaldy, & is No 7 of [the] District, described as "Town Green Toll (Dunfermline) by North Fod & [Crossgates] to Stewarts Arms" a roadside Inn on [the] Burntisland Branch of the Great [North] Road.
Townhill Road
Townhill Road
Mr Tuckett Road Surveyor
Mr Kilgour
Mr Morris albany cottage
035 [situation] Running in a N.E. [North East] direction thro' through] Sheet
A Road extending in a N [North] Easterly direction from Towngreen Toll Bar to N [North] Margin line, & into 6 Inch work.

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