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SOUTH LINKS South Links or Volunteers Green
South Links or Volunteers Green
South Links or Volunteers Green
Henry Beveridge Esqr.
Mr. John Sang (surveyor)
Mr. Bremner (Dean of Guild)
[situation] At the S. [South] end of Cowan Street.
A square piece of ground extending from the east end of Charlotte Street to [obscured in fold] Street & is intersected near the centre [by] south sheet line. During the last [war] with France it was used as a [drilling] place for volunteers, but is now used [as] a drying ground & bleach green by [the] inhabitants of the vicinity.
WEMYSS PLACE Wemyss Place Wemyss Place
Wemyss Place
Henry Beveridge. Esqr.
Mr. John Sang
Mr. James Birrell
[situation] Leading from the E. [East] end of Kirk Wynd.
A portion of a Turnpike Road, extending from the north end of Kirk Wynd, in a S. [South] westerly direction to the cross roads at the entrance to the Railway Station.

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22 Ph. [Parish] of Kirkcaldy Sheet 4 Trace 13

[Note - South Links] See Sheet 6

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