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Site of GREY FRIARS' CHAPEL Grey Friars Chapel (Site of)
Grey Friars Chapel (Site of)
Rev [Reverend] Mr Lyon, Market Street
Mr Cruickshanks, Post Master St Andrews
012 This place points out where the chapel of the Grey Friars monastery once stood There is no trace whatever of any of the buildings now existing. It was destroyed at or shortly after the Reformation, together with the then existing religious edifices of the Town. It is supposed that there was a Burial ground attached as the workmen employed in making the foundation of the houses in North Bell Street and forming its gardens dug up immense quantities of human bones. It is said by the Rev Mr Lyon that the buildings and ground belonging to the Grey Friars were of considerable extent reaching from Market Street to the west end of North Street and comprising that portion of land which is now covered by N [North] Bell Street and the gardens on its west side
"On the South side of the South Street nearer to the west end is a much admired ruin of a chapel belonging to a convent of Gray [Grey] friars, the roof is a continuation of the walls formed into a Gothic arch. Within the boundaries of this convent is the public grammar school and school-house" Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 13 p. [page] 190
"In addition to the monastery of the Augustines which was richly endowed there were at St Andrews two convents for friars of the mendicant orders. The one of these belonged to the Gray Friars denominated also Franciscans or Menorites and was situated immediately without the west port of the north street of the city. It was founded by Bishop Kennedy about the middle of the fifteenth century and it became the noviciate of the order in Scotland it was demolished at the Reformation and the ruins and ground connected with them were conveyed by a charter from Queen Mary to the

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