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"St Mary's College. The site is supposed to have been that of the original Pedagogium. On the north side of the quadrangle is the university library and on the west side are the divinity Hall and the principal's lodge. There was once a chapel in this college dedicated to St John the Evangelist which was it must have stood east and west probably occupied the south side of the quadrangle and this derives confirmation from a certain adjoining tenement being described in a charter of 1494 as situated between the Chapel of St John the Evangelist and the school of the University of St Andrews on the west and Butlers or (West-burn) Wynd on the east" etc etc Lyon's Hist. [History] of St Andrews vol [volume ll [2] p. [page] 210

Archbishop Stewart says Martine augmented the Stipends of the professors of the pedagogie (the name) still given to Bishop Wardlaws foundation which formerlie [formerly] were but small and gave to them the fruits of the of the church of St Michael of Larret [Tarvit ?] near Couper [Cupar]. He rebuilt the chapel of St John the Evangelist in the pedagogie but where it stood is now uncertain. The original charter conveying the church St Michael to the college which afterwards became St Mary's still exists but the concluding part of it illegible Ibid [Lyon's History of St Andrews] vol. [volume] 1 p. [page] 253

"We have already seen that Archbishop A. Stewart had changed the original pedagogium into a college and annexed to it the parish church of St Michael of Tarbet [Tarvit ?] and now the two Beatons in virtue of a bull which they procured from [Pope] Paul lll [3], in 1537 dedicated [continues]

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