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Dumglow (A supposed British Fastness) Dumglow
Mr. Young near Cleish Castle
Map of Estate
Old Map of Estate
Mr. McDonald Kingsseat
Blairadam Estate Map
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
030 [situation] 1½ Mile N.W. [North West] of Kingsseat farm house.
A large rocky pasture hill the Culminating point of a range well known by the name of "Cleish Hills"

Cleish Hills
Cleish Hills
Cleish Hills
Cliesh Hills
Cleish Hills
Cleish Hills
Andrew Dowie Esqr. Factor for Blairadam
History of Dunfermline
James Arnot Bowleys
Mr. Young Cleish Castle
Old Map of Cleish
Knox's Map 1820
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]
030; [situation] One mile N.W. [North West] of Kingsseat farm house.
A tolerable large range of hills extending from Road No.4 of the Outh and Nivingston district Trust, Westward by Dumglow the highest point of the Range, to the South Western Corner of the parish of Cleish.

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[page] 1a Parish of Cleish

Note: "Upon several of the hills there are
the remains of forts, which appear to have been
constructed with a great deal of labour. They are Supposed
to have been the work of the romans, and to have formed part
of a chain of posts, running from East to West, intended to defend
their Conquests against the incursions of the people from the North.
They are found in four places of the parish. The most remarkable of these is upon
the top of Dumglow the highest hill in the parish." Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

Note: "From Benartie, a mile and a half, commences the range of Cleish hills, upon four different summits, on each whereof the Horestii had a fastness, which had been constructed with great labour, they have been mistaken for Roman works, which are quite different, in their location, and construction. In the low grounds, Northwards from this hill, there were discovered, in 1791, a number of Sepulchral urns, Containing Ashes, human bones with Charcoal; these were doubtless, Roman as they were not covered with tumuli; and were of better workmanship, that that of the Britons." Chalmers Caledonia page 169.

Note: Roman Print on the plan. O.M.O. [Ordnance Mapping Office]

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