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THE DIN MOSS The Din Moss See Plan 34B 029 [Situation] About 25 chains S. [South] of South Lethans.
Descriptive Remarks for this this name is in Namebook 34B
The Knock
The Knock
Mr McGillivry
Mr McDonald Outh
Mr Robertson
029 [Situation] About 55 Chains S. by W [South by West] of Outh Bridge.
A Small unoccupied cottage House at the foot of Knock Hill from which it probably derived its name.
KNOCK HILL Knock Hill See Plan 34B 029 [Situation] About 25 chains N.W. [North West] of the Knock.
For Descriptive Remarks of this name see Namebook for Plan 34B

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Plan 29B Dunfermline Parish

Knock, A hill, Jamieson

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