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Supposed BRITISH FASTNESS [Durnglow] Remains of Roman Camp.
Remains of Roman Camp.
Remains of Roman Camp.
Remains of Roman Camp.
Remains of Roman Camp
Mr Laurie Boreland Cleish.
Peter Craig Teacher Parochial School Cleish.
David Wales Shepherd Craigencat. Property Plan with Mr Young Cleish Castle. Mr McDonnell Shepherd Kingseat.
029 According to these Authorities the Romans encamped on Dumglow but there are no appearance of works visible. The portion of the Hill Said to have been occupied by them, and coming on this Plan is marked on Trace 1 by the Precipice on the North West and South - the nature of the ground at these points not requiring defensive works there are no remains visible.

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[Page] 24 Plan 29B Cleish Parish.

[Note - Orthography] "Dumglow" - A Supposed British FastnessSee the Name 'Dumglow for further information

[Note:] There are no appearances of artificial works - here nature seems to have done all [that,] was requisite in the times. JB

[Note] " From Benartie a mile and a half commences the Range of Cleish Hills
upon four different Summits on each whereof the [Horestic] had a fastness
which had been constructed with great labour. They have been mistaken
for Roman works which are quite different in their location and Construction.
In the low grounds North of this hill, there were discovered in 1791, a number of Sepulchral
urns containing ashes, human bones, with charcoal, these were doubtless Roman as they were
not covered with Tumuli and were of better workmanship than those of the Britons. Chalmers Caledonia"

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