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Site of JOHN KNOX'S HOUSE (Supposed Birthplace of the Scottish Reformer) John Knox's House (Site of)
John Knox's House (Site of)
John Knox's House (Site of)
John Knox's House (Site of)
John Knox's House (Site of)
John Knox's House (Site of)
Thomas Lee Esq.
Andrew Beaton
William Reid
Statistical Account
Rev. [Reverend] Dr. Cook
Plan of Haddington by John Wood 1819
[Situation] On east side of Giffordgate about 7 Chains E [East] of the Parish Church.
The site of a house where it said that John Knox the Scotch Reformer was born. It is situated in Giffordgait adjoining to the town of Haddington. Some writers have said that he was born in the village called Gifford about 4 miles off Haddington in the parish of Yester, but this appears to be a mistake as that village is of comparatively modern origin. Tradition has always pointed out this place as being the place of his nativity, his father was styled as a small crofter in the Giffordgate "i.e." road and to this day that portion is well known by the Giffordgait.
"John Knox the famous reformer was a native of Haddington. The house in Giffordgate in which he was born still remains." Sinclair's Statistical Account, volume 6, page 542.
From the passage quoted in page 16 from Miller's History of Haddington it appears that John Knox was not born at Haddington but either on the lands of Moreham or Gifford. The popular error of supposing his birthplace at Giffordgate arose from a family of the name being living here about a hundred years ago. Thus it appears that as the parish of Gifford claims his birthplace that it has a stronger claim to it than Haddington.

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