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Easter Cairn
Mr. Henderson
William Potter
014 [Situation] About 80 Chains N. by W. [North by West] from West Peaston. A cultivated field Situated a little NW. [North West] of Templehall. This field is remarkable for Several remains of antiquities having been found in it from time to time whilst draining it These remains Consisted of Stone vases and urns, also an ancient roadway paved with square blocks of stone and about 2½ feet below the surface. This road is conjectured to be a part of a Roman Road.
Wester Cairn
Mr. Henderson
James Young
014 [Situation] About 4/5 Chains N.N.W. [North North West] from West Peaston.
A Cultivated field adjoining Easter Cairn. During the process of draining this field a few years ago there were discovered under the surface the remains of Strong Stone walls apparently the foundation of Some large building. There were found also several Stone vases of rude workmanship. All lying about 2½ feet below the Surface.

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49 Easter Cairn
50 Wester Cairn

Stone Vases - Urns- and foundations
of walls - all part of a Supposed Roman Road
were found her.

As this rest not on good authority, the
information is omitted on plan
See remark 7 on plan. O.M.O. [Ordnance Mapping Office]
Roman Road?

The above two field names are written on plan
on account of the place being remarKable for the many remains
of antiquity discovered here.

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