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PAPPLE CONVENT (Remains of) Papple Monastry (Remains of)
Papple Monastry (Remains of)
Papple Monastry (Remains of)
George Peacok
Robert Durie
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011 [Situation] About a Mile N. by E. [North by East] from Garvald.
The remains of a religious edifice adjacent to Papple farm house all that now remains is a Small part of the walls covered with Ivey and forms the South east end of Byre or Cow houses.

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Parish of Whittingham

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64 Papple Convent (Remains of)

It appears by the Stat. Acct [Statistical Account]
that this religious house was for
nuns the better term for it is convent and
not monastery.

There are also the ruins of another religious
house at Papple: but at what period
it was erected, or when it was demolished
is not Known. About twenty feet of
the height of one of its walls are still standing,
covered with ivy. A Story Concerning
it has been handed down from father to son,
to the present time. There was a religious house
at Friardykes in the parish of Stenton, to which
the refactory priests from Melrose were occasionally
banished; and betwixt the inhabitants of that house
and Papple House, there was a frequent intercourses. A servant
of one of the monks at Friardykes had by accident become aware
of the murder of one of the nuns at Papple, but not knowing that
his master was concerned, communicated to him the discovery
The master therefore takes measures to seure a similar fate
for the servant himself; and the tradition that this was
prevented M. De Lisle, the proprietor of Stoney Path Tower,
discovering the purpose of the master in a letter which the
servant was carrying from him to the master of the
house of Papple."
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Hadd; [Haddington]
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