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Ordnance Survey Office
13 Royal Circus
21st October 1853
Will you have the
goodness to inform me
whether the house of Nunraw
was originally a Convent, also
what is the date of its foun-
- dation. In several accounts
of the parish of Garvald
and Bara it is stated that
Nunraw was a nunnery be-
-longing to the priory of Had-
-dington. But in Chalmers'
Caledonia vol. [volume] 2 p. [page] 536. It
is said, "The church of
Garvald with its pertinents
and a Carucate of land
Convenient were granted to
the Cistertion nuns which
the Countess Ada settled
near Haddington during the
"reign of Malcolm IV. They
"established a grange near
- Hays Esq.

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29th October 1853
I have made minute
equiry of the most intelegent persons
in this Locality About the establishment
formerly existing at Nunraw, And
according to all the Accounts
I Can get of it. It is Said to have
been a Nunnery. Not a Grange-
And at the period of the reformation
18 Nuns were expelled from it.
This is a Common Current tradition
in the Mouths of All persons in the
neighbourhood- And one of my informants
(Robert Neillans An old man 70 years
of Age) And well Acquainted with
the Country And its traditions, Says that
he read the above Account of it in
Knox's history of the reformation, - he
Also Says that the house of "Nunraw"
is the Same building which was used as
a Nunnery. that the walls are about
6 feet. thick, And about 4 years ago
A part of one of the outside walls was
Rebuilt by the present proprietor. but
this did not Cause an enlargement
or other Alteration of the building. When
Supprefs'd [Suppressed] as a Nunnery- it was given to a
Capt [Captain] H. James R E [Royal Engineers]

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