List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
SLOEBIGGING Sloebigging Mr Denholm Broxmouth Dunbar
James Bishop Broxburn Dunbar
G Rennie Oxwell Mains Dunbar
007 A Farm Steading in the policy of Broxmouth. It consists of a dwelling house two Storeys high outhouses And cottages the dwellings are Occupied by the Servants of the establishment of the Countess Dowager of Roxburgh and the land about 180 Acres is farmed by the Owner
THE VAULTS The Vaults (Cottages) Mr Denholm Broxmouth Dunbar
G Rennie Oxwell Mains Dunbar
007 A Row of three Cottages on the links at the Sea Shore about 1/2 Mile NE [North East] of Broxmouth House And derives its name from having been used as a Corn Store when the rents were taken by the Fuars; the whole basement rooms were arched or vaulted (hence the name) It has recently be converted into three commodious cottages, Occupied by Fisherman, And the property of the Duke of Roxburgh.

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List of Names collected by Corporal William Rogers RS [Royal Sappers] & Miners
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Parish of Dunbar

Sloebigging - Farm
The Vaults - Cottages

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