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Site of the BATTLE OF DUNBAR (1650) Site of Battle
English and Scotch
3rd Sepr 1650
G Rennie, Oxwell Mains, Dunbar
Mr Denholm, Broxmouth, Dunbar
007 A considerable tract of arable Land S.E. [South East] of Broxmouth, and in a Line Between Brands mile and Catcraig; generally considered to be the Site of a Battle fought between the Parliamentary Forces Under Cromwell, and the Scotch army commanded by General Leslie. No definite Spot can be ascertained, but the report of Cromwell to parliament says that "the Enemy were chased 8 miles"; where this portion of ground was brought under the plough, human Skeletons were turned up here and at intervals throughout the district; and at a Spot Marked A near vaults, about a dozen graves were recently discovered; theywere all composed of Rough Stones, and paved at the bottom but no bones or human remains were recognised. About 15 Chains South of A on digging the foundations for a summer House, on a Small Hill; Two Graves were opened, composed of Rough Stones of a different kind from those at A, the graves were not paved but contained human bones in tolerable preservation. I cannot ascertain that the above remains are relics of the Slain of the Same action.

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Corporal William Rogers R Siminers

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