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MANSE [Dunbar] Manse
Dr [Doctor] Kelly
Revd [Reverend] T. Burnet
006 [Situation] About 12 Chains West from Dunbar House
A dwelling house lately purchased by the Heritors of the Parish for a Manse, it is situated on the road from Dunbar to Belhaven and at present undergoing repair
Dawell Brae
Daw-well Brae
Daw-well Brae
Thomas Alexander
David Burns
Revd [Reverend] J. Jaffray
Revd [Reverend] T Burnet Dunbar
006 [Situation] At the S. [South] East side of the Castle Park
An irregular street commencg [commencing] at Dunbar House and leadg [leading] in a north east direction until it reaches the Old Harbour.
This name is derived from Jackdaw or as it is called in this district, Daw And from their being at one time a well on this brae. This etymology is furnished the given authorities

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Parish of Dunbar

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