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Meikle Spiker
Meikle Spiker
Mr Ramage
Lieut [Lieutenant] Johnston
Mason's Chart
006 [Situation] About 10 chains East from the Battery
A dangerous rock at the mouth of Dunbar [harbour] about 20 feet above water [at] Spring Tides
WEST GATE-END West Gate-end
West Gate-end
Dr [Doctor] Kelly
Revd [Reverend] T. Burnet
006 [Situation] A little W, [West] of Dunbar Ho [House]
A few dwelling houses situated on the south [side] of the Old Road from Dunbar to Belhaven.
BACK ROAD [Dunbar] Back Road
Back Road
Dr [Doctor] Kelly
Revd [Reverend] T. Burnet
006 [Situation] From Dunbar House to Winterfield Mains
A portion of road [leading] from Dunbar to [Belhaven] Situated near to West Gate-end

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Parish of Dunbar
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145 - Meikle Spiker
107 - West Gate-end
107 - Back Road

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