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Broad Haven
J. Ramage
D. Burns
006 [Situation] At the S, [South] side of Dunbar Battery
The entrance to the old [Harbour] it is dry at low water of Spring tides
OLD DOCK [Dunbar] Old Dock
Old Dock
J. Ramage
D. Burns
006 [Situation] About 2 Chains South of the Ship, P.H. [Public House]
This was formerly a repairing dock for Vessels but the proprietor is filling [it] with ballast in order to convert it into a Yard.
SHIP P.H. [Public House] Ship (P.H.) [Public House]
Ship (P.H.) [Public House]
Sign Board
James Lockart
006 [Situation] About 1 Chain South of the Old Custom Ho [House]
A small public house [in] front of the Old Harbour occupied by James Lockart.

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Parish of Dunbar
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141 - Broad Haven
141 - Old Dock
132 - Old Ship (P.H.) [Public House]

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