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OLD HARBOUR [Dunbar] Old Harbour
Old Harbour
Old Harbour
Lieut. [Lieutenant] Johnston
J. Ramage
Chart of Dunbar Harbour
006 [Situation] At the N,E, [North East] side of the Town of Dunbar
A small harbour [difficult] of access in stormy weather it was improved by the Burgh authorities in [1785] & can admit vessels of about 300 Tons burthen.
ST GEORGE INN [Dunbar] St George Inn
St George Inn
J. Crossan
Revd [Reverend] T Burnet
006 [Situation] At the N. [North] end of Craws Wynd
This is the principal Inn in the town of Dunbar and was erected and established as early as the year 1625 and repaired & improved in 1828.

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Parish of Dunbar
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145 - Old Harbour
130 - St George Inn

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