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(Between the Scots and Saxons A.D. 815)
William Steven Athelstoneford
James Douglas Athelstoneford New Mains
005 This name applies to piece of ground on the farm of Muirhouses situate about 3/4 of a mile North of Athelstaneford Village & marked by two upright stones about 3 feet high at the North and Southern extremities of the site shown. The Battle was fought in the year 815 between the Scots & Saxons and the latter was defeated in the flight of the Saxons their commander Athelstan was killed by an Archer when crossing the Cogtail Burn a short distance above the Farm offices of Athelstonford New Mains, a few years ago when William Steven "my informant" was quarrying some stones for repairing the roads close at the West end of the above named Farm he came upon a stone coffin about 2 1/2 feet below the surface containing the remains of a human body, part of the cranium & under jaw with some of the teeth was got out complete. The 5 slabs which composed the coffin & the under jaw are in possession of Sir David Kinloch of Gilmerton - "History records that the lands on which the battle was fought & won was given to the Culdee Priory of St Andrews by the King of the Scots as an acknowledgement of gratitude to heaven for the victory obtained. At the Reformation when monkish institutions were abolished in Scotland those lands were conferred on the Chapel Royal of Holyroodhouse and forms a part of the income of the present Dean. The late Sir David Kinloch of Gilmerton obtained from the Crown a perpetual lease of these lands at the following rent :- Wheat 46 Bolls Linlithgow Measure Barley 51 Bolls ditto Oats 35 Bolls ditto. Kain fowls: 1 dozen of hens 2 dozen of poultry or chickens. The rent is doubled for one year at every singular succession of the Family of Kinloch of Gilmerton.

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Parish of Athelstoneford
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