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TUMULUS (Site of) [Fenton Barns] Tumulus (Site of) Mr. Duncan C Church Chapel
Mr. John Schougal Sherriff Hall
005 This Sepulchral mound stood in the Corner of a field at the Crop Road between Dirleton and Drem on the N- [North] West side of Fenton Toll Bar and on the farm of Fenton Barns. during the year 1852, Mr. George Hope the present tenant, in his agricultural zeal had it levelled the rude stone coffins removed, and unhuman like scattered the remains over the surrounding field for manure, quantities of bones are still to be seen mixed with earth around it It is stated there were several other Tumuli in this locality, but no vestage of them remains, the have quite disappeared, and long since have yielded there place to the plough and Civilization.

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Plan 5A Trace 1
Dirleton Parish

James Carpenter C. Asst [Civilian Assistant]
11th June 1853
W James Cap. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]
16 Augt. [August] 1853
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