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DIRLETON T.P. Dirleton Toll Bar
Dirleton Toll Bar
Sign Board
Robert Hope
005 [Situation] About 1 1/2 Mile NW by N [North West by North] from East Fenton.
A turnpike on the road leading from Dirleton to Aberlady, a short distance S.W. [South-West] of the village of Dirleton; the property of the trustees of the County.
Mill Burn
Cockle Mill Burn
Cockle Mill Burn
Robert Hope
John Deans
Statist: acct: [Statistical Account] 1841
Forests Map 1799
Johnston's Map
005 [Situation] About 1 Mile NW by W [North West by North] from East Fenton.
A Small Stream which rises on the farm of Kilmurdie, and runs in a westerly direction to its junction with Peffer Burn, on the farm of Saltcoats. It is known by this name, from the point where two Streams unite, between the farms of Fentonbarns & Castlemains.

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Parish of Dirleton.

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23 Dirleton T.P.
23 Mill Burn

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