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SCANDINAVIAN TEMPLE Scandinavian Temple John Calder Gardener Seacliff Ho. [House]
George Dale Farmer Auldhame
John Burns Pit School
003 At the bottom of a Precipitous Rock near High Water mark And East of Auldhame is a large Stone resting on a Pile of Small Stones rudely put together which is said to be a Scandinavian Temple or Altar There is a Semicircular Cave at the bottom of aforementioned Rock extending inwards about five or Six yards supposed to be the Place where the Victims were bound previous to their being Sacrificed on the Alter. This cave was rudely paved by small flat Stones when discovered and Some of the Paving stones remain there still The late Proprietor of Seacliff Ho. [House] Mr. Sligo, who discovered the Temple Caused an iron Railing to be placed around the Cave in order to Keep the Temple from Molestation. Antiquaries from Edinburgh who Visited this Place gave it as their opinion that there was only another Temple in Scotland of the same description

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