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TANTALLON CASTLE Tantallon Castle 003 Tantallon Castle (Continued)
So strong was the Castle in position and so skilful in Construction that previous to the invention of Gunpowder it defied every effort or Scheme for its reduction. Hence the saying. "Ding down Tantallan. mak a Brig to the Bass Rock" which means that it was as easy to make a Bridge to the Bass as to reduce Tantallon. The date of the Castle and the Circumstances of its erection are unKnown. It came into notice with the rising and bold fortunes of the family of Douglass who obtained the Barony of North Berwick on the accession of Robert 2nd. And during Centuries it was the Stronghold of their proud, domineering Earls. It was forfeited in 1455 and in 1479 it was given by James 3rd to Archibald 5th Earl of Angus the well known "Bell the Cat? The next Earl of Angus he who married the Queen mother of James 5th and having lost influence of the person and Councils of that Monarch shut himself up in Tantallon and defied for a time the whole hostile force of the Kingdom In 1528 the King came in person to reduce it and borrowed from the Castle of Dunbar to aid him in his operations two Cannons Called Thrawn-Mouthed Maw and her Marrow for the safe return of which he left some of his Nobles as hostages in Dunbar. Yet he was obliged to raise the siege but afterwards obtained possession of it by a Compromise with the Governor. It was taken after a short siege by Oliver Cromwell. And in 1639 was taken by the Covenanters from the Marquis of Douglass. In the beginning of the 18th Century the Castle and lands were sold by the Marquis afterwards Duke of Douglass to Lord President Dalrymple when the Castle till then habitable was dismantled and left to decay. It afterwards became a retreat for a desperate band of Smugglers as its dungeons afforded a safe shelter for them and their Contraband goods.
A curious Etymology of the name Tantallon is given traditionally. That two superintendants of the building of the Castle Thomas and Allan, obtained permission from its Lord to inscribe their names as Architects prominently on the walls in latin. The inscription stood thus Tam et Allan hence the name the country people give it Tam-t-allan. Tamtallan

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