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ELDBOTLE Ellbattle
Ell Battle
Forrests & Johnstons Co. [County] Map
Mr. William Wyllie Factor
Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] Hadd [Haddington]
Chamber's Gazetteer
Acct. [Account] of the parish 1627
Chalmers Caledonia
001 [Situation] About ¾ Mile North from Collegehead

A small rising feature of the surface said to be the site of some old dwelling or dwellings The stat [Statistical] account of the Parish of Dirleton states, that there was a cell founded here, by David I, for the Cistertian nuns, There is a tradition in the neighbourhood of a Castle having stood in the adjoining H [Hill] Commonly known as Ellbottle Wood, but whether this was actually a Castle or the cell, referred to in the sta [Statistical] account, remains a mystery, as I could not obtain the least informa [information] respecting the site of either,

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[page] 10
Parish of Dirleton

Page in F [Form] 136
35 -- Eldbottle

[Note] -- This mode of spelling
seems to be the best. There
is much diversity of opinion
regarding this name; indeed
no fixed orthography. The
adopted spelling is the nearest
to the original.

"At Elbottle a name now given to a plantation north of Archerfield
And which is the abbreviation of the Saxon word Eldbotel signifying the
old dwelling,) there was a convent of Cistertian Nuns, a cell of the great
establishment of those nuns, founded by David I at Berwick-upon-
Tweed. There was, it is said, another cell of the same establishment
at Golyn, near the Church, probably, however, identified with
Elbottle". -- Stat: Acct: [Statistical Account] of Scotland (Hadd:) [Haddington] Page 211

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