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JAIL [Haddington] Prison
Thomas Lee Esqr,
Andrew Beaton
William Halliday
010 [situation] On South side of Court Street about 8 chains S.W. [South West] of Town Hall
A plain substantial building three storeys high and in good repair having wash house storehouses and a small garden attached. Its interior is fitted up with cells 6 of which are on the ground floor for females, the same number for males on the 2nd floor. This building was erected in 1844 at the expense of the County of Haddington.

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91 - Jail

For what purpose
For trial of prisoners
For Confinement and Punishment, or for both these purposes

Jail is written instead of Prison as the former is the usual designation written on the ordnance Plans.

Whenever the name has been changed the reasons for such change are stated on the forms of the Ordnance Documents - but in no cases should a mere prison be altered to Jail.
What is the building called in Law proceedings? When an offender has been before the magistrate and committee for trial is he in this case sent to Jail - or to Prison?

Gaol - Jail - place where criminals are put before trial - and cases tried -
Prison - place where offenders Debtors &c. are sent after trial - The descriptive remarks should state the particulars - and the alteration of the name should be submitted to the authorities - and also to the Governor of the Jail - OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office]

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