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GREEN CASTLE (Fort) Green Castle
Green Castle
Green Castle
James Hoden
John Clapperton
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 1841
015 [Situation] About 1 3/4 Miles N. [North] East from Hopes.
A large encampment on the farm of Newlands. It is defended by a deep ditch, and having an entrance on the West side.
BLACK CASTLE (Fort) Black Castle
Black Castle
Black Castle
John Howden
John Clapperton
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 1841
015 [Situation] Between the Burns. Newland & Danskine
A large circular encampment on the farm of Newlands. It is surrounded by a deep ditch, having apparently two entrances. One on the East side, the other on the west. The interior of this Camp is planted with fir and forest trees.

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Parish of Garvald & Bara

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remark on plan 5C at O.M.O.

"About two miles to the west on the farm of Newlands there
are two large tumuli thrown up in the middle of a plain
called by the Country people the Black Castle and Green Castle.
The late Marquis of Tweeddale many years ago planted the
spot on which they stood with Scotch firs and some gray wood
To the west of these tumuli there are there are two other encampments,
one on the farm of Park and the other on the estate of Hopes." Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

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