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List of Proprietors Names in Drymen Parish

Name of Proprietor -- Address or Residence -- Post Towns

Duke of Montrose
_ McNair Esqr -- Aucheneck -- Drymen
_ Todd Esqr -- Finnich Water -- Drymen
_ McFarlane -- Allens -- Drymen
Hugh McCallum Esqr -- Douchlage -- Drymen
_ McLachlan Esqr -- Auchentroig -- Gartmore
W. Graham Esqr -- Gartmore -- Gartmore
General Graham -- Redknock -- Port of Menteith
Bruce McAdam Esqr. -- Endrick Mains -- Kilmaronock
Miss Govan -- Park of Drumquhassle -- Drymen
Mr. McAdam -- Blairour -- Drymen
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Graham -- Parish Minister of Killearn
Mr. Buchanan -- Gartahorran -- Drymen
Mr. Stobie -- Ballochneck -- Buchlyvie
Mr. Muirhead -- Ballat -- Drymen
Mr. Gow -- Drumbeg -- Drymen
Mr. Meikleham, Writer -- Glasgow -- Glasgow

The Above are the principle proprietors so far
as I can recollect. Nearly the ½ of the parish are composed
of small Lairdships, that is farmers Occupying their own
ground. But by taking a glance over the Name Sheets
you may find some more names that I have ommitted
in the above list. I was not aware that
a List of the Proprietors were required. But in future I will
attend to it.
Major Bayly -- D. Hannay C/a [Civilian Assistant]

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