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plantation of Kirks erected Row into a district parish, though it was not till 1648 that the boundaries between the different districts concerned were finally settled. As a whole the parish of Row has benefited largely from the modern tendency of City Capitalists and others to possess sea coast residences, and it would be difficult to point out in any other place a greater number of elegant marine mansions than are situated within the space bounded on the one side by the lofty towers of Ardencaple, and on the other by the ornate mansion of Shandon". (Irving's History)

"By far the greater part of the parish is hilly and mountainous. The main ridge of hills begins to ascend gradually from the shore of the Clyde in the south, and stretches continuously in a northerly direction throughout the whole length of the parish. With the exception of Glenfruin, which is capable of being cultivated much more extensively than it is, the greater part of the land capable of bearing crops to any advantage is ether constantly or occasionally under cultivation. This, however, bears a very inconsiderable proportion to the whole extent of the parish" (New Stat Act. [Statistical Account])

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