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"The name of this parish is generally supposed to be derived from the Gaelic Rhu (or Rudha) "a point" of land which extends into the Gareloch, near the church. The parish of Row is about twelve miles in length and has an average breadth of fully four miles. It is bounded on the north by a narrow strip of Arrochar and a portion of Luss parish, on the west and south west by the Gareloch, on the south east by Cardross, and on the East by Luss. It was not till the middle of the seventeenth century that Row was formed into an independent parish, by the separation of land from Rosneath, on the one hand, and Cardross on the other. The land detached from the former parish lay principally on the east side of the Gareloch, and that from the latter, the portion adjacent to its present northern boundary, known as the valley of the Fruin. In 1620, parliament was petitioned to transfer the Church of Rosneath to the lands of Ardinconnell opposite, but instead of this the Commissioners for the
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To Go into the Book.....................................................at the OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office] 12/8/61 [1861]
Please insert a note in the N. [Name] List for parish
of Row to say whether there are detached portions
of the parish.

There are no Detached portions of "Row" in any other Parish
nor are there any portions of any other Parish contained within the boundary
of the said parish [B.R.]

There are no Detached portions of
or in this parish

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