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CHAPEL HILL Site of terminal ROMAN WALL STATION Chapel Hill Site of Fort
Chapel Hill Site of Fort
Chapel Hill Site of Fort
Chapel Hill Site of Fort
Chapel Hill Site of Fort
Caledonia Roman
Mr Stewart Factor.
Mr. Turner, Gavinburn
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Reid Ph. [Parish] Minister
Mr Campbell of Barnhill
022 "The actual length of the Wall of of Antoninus has given rise, like most antiquarian subjects, to no little controversy. According to Bede, it extended all the way from the ancient monastery of Abercorn to Dumbarton. A series of detached Castella may very probably have connected its actual termini with both those points; but, from what is known to have been at any time visible of its remains, and from any discoveries made between the two seas, we cannot but conclude that the Vallum of Urbicus, as a continuous work, had ended on the one side at Carriden near Borrowstoness, & on the other at West Kilpatrick. Upon this supposition the entire length of the work was about twenty seven English miles - With regard to those garrison posts which united the supposed extremity of the Wall with the town of Theodosia, we learn that, in the year 1686, Dr. [Doctor] Irvine observed as follows - At the town of Dumbarton, the remains of a great Roman fort - the vestiges of another at the Castle, half a mile distant - those of a third at the foot of Dumbuck hill, a mile more to the East - of a fourth at Dunglass - and of a fifth on the Chapel Hill, at West Kilpatrick, which was, we conceive, the last of the Stations per lineam valli. He makes no mention of any traces of the ditch as being visible between that point & the river Level; nor can we believe that such had ever existed &c &c - That early explorer, Pont, has most distinctly stated that the Wall had its commencement near the Kirk of Kilpatrick, from which the Chapel Hill is but a short way distant. In this opinion Roy & several others coincide. It does not appear that any distinct remains of the Roman works have ever in modern times, been
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