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Dunglass Castle
Dunglass Castle
Dunglass Castle
Dunglass Castle
Dunglass Castle
Dunglass Castle
Dunglass Castle
Caledonia Romana
New Statistical Account
Fullarton's Gazetteer
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Mr. Logan Factor
Mr. Proudfoot Occupier
Old Statistical Account
022 "The ruins of Dunglass Castle" have long been regarded as resting on the foundations of a Roman Fort; perhaps they do, in reality, occupy the site of one of the ancient Castella; but that any traces of Roman Masonry are still to be found there, as is sometimes averred, we must be permitted very much to doubt. Between this spot and the village of Kilpatrick, the high lands approach so closely to the north bank of the river, that it must have cost the Roman soldiery much unceasing vigilance to prevent the natives from crossing it at any of the numerous fords which are supposed to have existed above Dunglass; from this circumstance, it is by no means unlikely that some additional Forts may have stood between that rocky point & the termination of the wall" - the "Chapel Hill"
Caledonia Romana. (Trace 6-23-12)
"The Roman Wall terminated at Dunglass" Old Statl. [Statistical] Account
The termination of the Wall was at one time understood to have been at Dunglass, but it is now generally understood to have been at the "Chapel Hill".
New Statl: [Statistical] Account
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