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Ferguston Muir
Ferguston Muir
Ferguston Muir
Ferguston Moor
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Sym
John Freeman N. Kilp. [New Kilpatrick]
Mr. Wills Ph. [Parish] Teacher
John Burnside, Ferguston
Caledonia Romana
023 This name applies from the East side of the field which the Roman Wall enters after crossing the T.P. [Turn Pike] Road, going eastwards, to the point where the great ditch passes out of the Rough pasture ground. (23-16 Trace 6.) The two fields or enclosures at the south west described as pasture on the Traces were, as stated by the Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Sym, formerly - about 30 years ago, planted with trees which have since been cut down. The name upon the Dr. [Doctor]'s authority belongs properly as much to these enclosures as to the moor ground higher up - eastwards The name is famous in the neighborhood, as well as in accounts of the Roman Wall, from that great antiquity passing through it and which is the only place in the Parish or for miles on either side where traces of the Wall of earth remain so visible or indeed at all.

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New Kilpatrick Parish -- Co. [County] Stirling & Dumbarton

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