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Inchcailloch Inchcailloch
Inch Caillach
Inch Caillach
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014 This name is applied to a large Island in Loch Lomond situated opposite Balmaha. it is of a ridge like shape. with three eminences or knolls. the east and west bear no name, the mid is called Tom na Nighinnan. the Island is about ¾ of a mile long and nearly a half broad, covered principally with copse wood intermixed with a few fir. "Buchanan was formerly called Inchcailloch ("Observe that the name is compounded here)", the name of an island in Loch Lomond where the Church was till 1621 when a considerable part of the Parish of Luss, at that time on this side of the Loch, was annexed to the Parish of Inchcailloch. Some years after the annexation the walls of the Church of Inchcailloch failing, and the people not finding it convenient every Sabbath especially in stormy weather, to be crossing over to the Island, worship was performed in a church near the house of Buchanan. See Name Sheet to the "Old Grave Yard authorized and described on 1/2500 work Trace 6. 14. 13, which was originally a Chapel of Ease to the Parish of Luss. From this Chapel which was called the Church or Chapel of Buchanan, the whole united Parish came by degrees to be called the Parish of Buchanan. Inchcailloch signifies the Island of Old Women, so called because in former times there was a Nunnery there." no remains of this nunnery exist now nor can the site be pointed out.

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County Dumbarton

"Inch - an Island
Cailleach - an old woman
Cailleachas - dubh - a nunnery"

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