Dunbartonshire volume 11

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OS1/9/11/1 COAL ROAD [Kirkintilloch] Coal Road Coal Road Mr. Adams, Town Registrar Baillie Freeland 024 A street branching off the North side of West High St. and is intersected by the New Road
OS1/9/11/1 WEST HIGH STREET [Kirkintilloch] West High Street West High Street Mr. Adams Baillie Freeland 024 A street leading in the Westerly direction from the "Cross" and terminating at the end of the "New Road"
OS1/9/11/1 OSWALD AND KIRK SESSION SCHOOLS Oswald and Kirk Session Schools Oswald and Kirk Session Schools Mr. Adams Baillie Freeland 024 A fine edifice two Storeys high erected in1854 partly by Government, and £300 which was left by Miss Oswald. It is under the management of the Kirk Session, and consists of 2 class rooms. The ground floor is the Girls department and the upper the Boys, it has a fine dwelling attached for the School master
OS1/9/11/1 BUCK'S HEAD INN [Kirkintilloch] Buck's Head Inn Buck's Head Inn Mr. Scott Proprietor Mr. Adams 024 A public house or Inn or the north side of West High Street
OS1/9/11/1 BUCKSHEAD CLOSE [Kirkintilloch] Buckshead Close Buckshead Close Mr. Adams Baillie Freeland 024 An irregular close on the north side of West High Street,
OS1/9/11/1 [Page] 1 Sheet 24.8 No 19 Town of Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire
OS1/9/11/2 KILN CLOSE [Kirkintilloch] Kiln Close Kiln Close Mr. Adams, Town Registrar Mr. Dawson 024 A narrow Close on the north side of the "Cross"
OS1/9/11/2 CROSS [crossroads, Kirkintilloch] Cross Cross Mr. Adams Mr. Dawson, Stationer 024 This name apples to the junction of West and East High Street with the Cowgate at the Town Hall
OS1/9/11/2 PEEL BRAE Peel Brae Peel Brae Mr. Adams Mr. Dawson 024 A short Street or lane leading off the south side of West High Street, in direction of the Roman Fort.
OS1/9/11/2 PRISON [Kirkintilloch] Jail Jail Prison Mr. Adams Baillie Freeland Adopted 024 A small prison or Jail having 3 Cells, with the Governors dwelling house attached
OS1/9/11/2 [Page] 2
OS1/9/11/3 TOWN HALL [Kirkintilloch] Town hall Town Hall Town Hall Mr. Adams, Town Registrar Baillie Freeland, Mr. Dawson 024 A Small building surmounted by a Steeple. The principal floor consists of a Court Room and 2 Cells. The floor above is occupied as the Parish School; and the ground flat as the Police Office.
OS1/9/11/3 CHURCH [Kirkintilloch] Church Church Church Church Mr. Adams, Baillie Freeland Mr. Dawson New Statistical Acct: [Account] 024 The Parish Church was built in 1644 and repaired in 1840, it contains sittings for 822 persons. This edifice, Mr. Adams says, is built on the site of a more ancient structure which had been dedicated to the Virgin Mary. "In the town of Kirkintilloch stood a Chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and was endowed with the lands of Duntiblae. This is now the parish Church." Fullartons New Imperial Gazetteer
OS1/9/11/3 [Page] 3 [Below entry for Church:] "In 1659, the Parishes of Kirkintilloch & Cumbernauld were finally separated, A new church was built at the east end for the new parish, and the Chapel of the Virgin Mary, built in 1644, became the parish Church of Kirkintilloch, as at present." New Stat. Acct: [Statistical Account] ['in 1644' is circled with a line from it indicating to] See last line on page 185
OS1/9/11/4 Remains of the ROMAN WALL STATION [Kirkintilloch] Peel Roman Fort (Remains of) Peel Roman Fort (Remains of) Peel Roman Fort (Remains of) Peel Roman Fort (Remains of) Mr. Adams Baillie Freeland Dr. [Doctor] Stewart, Victoria Place Fullartons New Imperial Gazetteer 026 This name applies to the remains of a small Roman Fort on the summit of an arable hill a short distance west of the parish Church. It is all pretty entire with the exception of the Southwest Corner which is levelled and cultivated as a garden. That [Wall] in the Fosse on the South side next the garden, has been here from time immem[orial], it is covered with a wooden box. * "Antoninus' Wall ran through the parish for 6 miles from east to west, and has here three large forts and Watch towers. Its most easterly post was a fort, still traceable, enclosing an area of 150 yards on the summit of Barhill, and commanding a view of almost the whole course of the wall from the Forth to the the middle post, now nearly effaced from the intersection of it by the Canal, and from other causes was at the village of Auchendowie, and appears to have been a rectangular fort of 150 yds. [yards] by 70. * The westerly Post still in most parts tolerably distinct, was a fort now called by way of distinction the Peel, on a rising ground at the west end of the town of Kirkintilloch, enclosed an area of 90 yards by 80, and had the singular property of being situated on the north side of the Wall" Fullarton's New Imperial Gazetteer This Wall cannot be traced in the neighbourhood
OS1/9/11/4 "The town of Kirkintilloch, at one time called "Caerpintalloch" may probably ascribe its origin to the period when the walls of a Roman fortress occupied the summit of a rising ground on which it stands." This Military Station seems to have differed from all the others known of, in projecting outwards from the Wall, instead of being raised, as usual, within its line: hence, no doubt, the labour bestowed on its construction, since, although not of the largest size, the fort of Kirkintilloch seems to have been excelled by none in the strength of its defences. It had originally been of a squared form, measuring within the area, rather more than 300 feet upon each side. A great earthen rampart from 40 to 50 feet in thickness, had surrounded this inclosure, having in front a capacious moat, not less than 30 feet wide, and, See page 8.
OS1/9/11/5 CROWN INN [Kirkintilloch] Crown Inn & Hotel Crown Inn & Hotel Mr. Miller Occupier Sign Board 024 An Inn and and Hotel having Stabling attached, on the north side of East High Street.
OS1/9/11/5 CROWN CLOSE [Kirkintilloch] Crown Close Crown Close Mr. Adams Town Registrar Mr. Miller 024 A short Lane behind the Crown Inn.
OS1/9/11/5 CROFTHEAD Crofthead Mr. Stewart, Proprietor 024 In this close [Crown Close] is a dwelling house called Crofthead having a few acres of ground attached.
OS1/9/11/5 BLACK BULL INN [Kirkintilloch] Black Bull Inn Black Bull Inn Mr. Turnbull Occupier Mr. Adams 024 An Inn having Stabling attached a large Hall occupies the upper flat of the back wing. The property of Charles Stewart. Draper
OS1/9/11/5 BLACKBULL CLOSE Blackbull Close Blackbull Close Mr. Adams Mr. Turnbull 024 A short lane behind the Black Bull Inn
OS1/9/11/5 CROFT COTTAGE Croft Cottage Croft Cottage Mr. Whitelaw Occupier Mr. Wood East High Street 024 A small but handsome Cottage north off East High Street.
OS1/9/11/5 EAST HIGH STREET East high Street East high Street Mr. Adams Mr. Wood 024 A Street leading easterly from the "Cross" and terminating at the bridge crossing the Luggie Water.
OS1/9/11/5 [Page] 5
OS1/9/11/6 MARSHALL FREE CHURCH Marshall Free Church (Seats for 700) Marshall Free Church (Seats for 700) Mr. Dawson, Deacon Mr. Wood East High Street 024 A plain built edifice, the interior of which is fitted up with pews galleries &c, to accommodate about 700 persons. It was formerly a Secession Ch. [Church] but about 3 years ago, it united with the Frees, and was named in honour of the late Mr. Marshall who was then Minister.
OS1/9/11/6 COWGATE STREET [Kirkintilloch] Cowgate Street Cowgate Street Cowgate Street Mr. Adams, Town Registrar Mr. Dawson Corner Ticket 024 A Street leading from the "Cross" in a Southeasterly direction and terminating at the Forth & Clyde Canal.
OS1/9/11/6 BACK CAUSEWAY Back Causeway Back Causeway Mr. Adams Mr. Dawson 024 A short lane branching off the N.E. [North East] side of the Cowgate.
OS1/9/11/6 POST OFFICE [Kirkintilloch] Post Office Post Office Mr. Adams Mr. Dawson 024 A dwelling house an apartment of which is occupied as the Post office
OS1/9/11/6 [Page] 6
OS1/9/11/7 WASHINGTON STREET [Kirkintilloch] Washington Street Washington Street Mr. Adams Town Registrar Mr. Dawson Book seller 024 A Street branching off the trust road leading from Glasgow, and terminating at the west end of Union Street.
OS1/9/11/7 UNION STREET [Kirkintilloch] Union Street Union Street Mr. Adams Mr. Dawson 024 A Street branching off Cowgate St. and terminating a the end of Washington Street.
OS1/9/11/7 QUEEN STREET [Kirkintilloch] Queen Street Corner Tickets 024 A Short Street leading Southwesterly of Cowgate Street.
OS1/9/11/7 WESLEYAN METHODIST CHAPEL [Kirkintilloch] Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sculptured in front of edifice Mr. Adams 024 A small edifice the interior of which is fitted up with pews to accommodate about 300 persons
OS1/9/11/7 CITY OF GLASGOW BANK [Kirkintilloch] Branch of the City of Glasgow Bank On Door Plate 024 A small building used as a "Branch of the City of Glasgow Bank". -
OS1/9/11/7 [Page] 7
OS1/9/11/8 KERR STREET Kerr Street Kerr Street Corner Ticket Mr. Adams 024 A Street branching southwesterly off Cowgate Street.
OS1/9/11/8 SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY School of Industry School of Industry Mr. Adams Mr. Dawson 024 A dwelling house which is in the mean time occupied as a School of Industry. "It should be stated that the house, which is private property, has been used as a "School of Industry" for seven years, and it is supported by Public Subscription in the Parish; It is presided over at present by Captain Murray of Gartshore," "It is recognised as a permanent School," Additional information obtained from Examiner. R.H.
OS1/9/11/8 [Page] 8 [continued from page 4, re Remains of Roman Wall Station] From page 4. of proportionate depth. Horsley says that the Peel of Kirkintilloch (the name by which the Roman station is generally known) presented, in his time, the appearance of having been fortified by a double wall of hewn stones - placed, we should suppose, on the top of the above mentioned rampart; and adds that the stones had been strongly cemented with lime, and that many of them were chequered, in the manner usually practised by the Roman builders. Although the greatest part of the ancient works have now been levelled, and every vestige of their masonry removed, there is still enough left to shew the great size of the ditch, and the height of the earthen mound on which the wall had stood." The situation of this station steems to have been nearly as good, in a Military point of view, as was that on Castle Hill [continued on page 9]
OS1/9/11/9 SUBSCRIPTION SCHOOL Subscription School Subscription School Mr. Adams, Town Registrar Dr. ]Doctor] Stewart 024 A Subscription School having a Play ground attached. Situated at the end of Kerr Street
OS1/9/11/9 [Page] 9 Sheet 24-8 No 24 -- Town of Kirkintilloch [contined from page 8] From Page 8. to the east of Duntocher, Why the Wall should in this instance have been changed to the south of the fort it is impossible to say: nothing in the nature of the ground appears to have called for such a deviation from the general practice; but without doubt there did exist some valid reason for this unusual arrangement, although none of our modern inquirers have been able to account for it. Like those at Duntocher and Bemulie, the Station of Kirkintilloch stood near a point where the passage of a stream of water had caused a break in the Wall, and where, in consequence, an enemy might most likely have attempted to penetrate; wherever it happened, indeed, that any rivulet had crossed the line, too wide to be spanned by its ramparts, it is almost certain that a Fort had been established near the spot." Caledonia Romana, p. [page] 316 and 317.
OS1/9/11/10 [Page] 10 [Blank page]
OS1/9/11/11 PARK Park Park William Stirling Proprietor Mr. Adams Town Registrar 024 2 dwelling houses each having a large garden attached
OS1/9/11/11 NEW ROAD [Kirkintilloch] New Road New Road New Road Mr. Adams Town Registrar William Stirling Mr. Harvie, Harvieston Cottage 024 A Street or road leading from the west end of "West High Street" and joining with the east end of "Eastside". It is a Trust Road.
OS1/9/11/11 LEADGATE COTTAGE Leadgate Cottage Leadgate Cottage Leadgate Cottage Title Deeds Mrs. Inglis Proprietor Mr. Adams 024 A handsome cottage having offices attached, on the south side of New Road
OS1/9/11/11 LEAD GATE Lead Gate Lead Gate Ludgate Mr. Adams Town Registrar Mr. Inglis, & Title Deeds of Property Corner Ticket 024 A short street leading from the "Eastside" and terminating at the "New Road"
OS1/9/11/11 HARVIESTON COTTAGE Harvieston Cottage Harvieston Cottage Mr. Harvie Proprietor Mr. Adams 024 A small but handsome cottage on the north side of the New Road
OS1/9/11/11 [Page] 11 Sheet 24-8. 15. -- Town of Kirkintilloch -- Dumbartonshire
OS1/9/11/12 ST DAVID'S CHURCH (Quoad Sacra) [Kirkintilloch] St. David's Church (Quoad Sacra) Seats for 1000 St. David's Church (Quoad Sacra) Seats for 1000 Mr. Adams Town Registrar Mr. Harvie 024 A large and handsomely built edifice the interior of which is well fitted up with pews, galleries sufficiently commodious for about 1000 sitters. It has a Quoad Sacra parish attached.
OS1/9/11/12 EASTSIDE Eastside Eastside Mr. Adams, Town Registrar New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 024 A Street leading from the Bridge ["of the" crossed out] over the Luggie Water at the east end of East High Street and terminating at the east end of the "New Road". It is a Trust Road.
OS1/9/11/12 CROSS KEYS P.H. [Kirkintilloch] Cross Keys P.H. [Public House] Cross Keys P.H. [Public House] Alexander Alexander Occupier Sign Board 024 A small Public house on the north side of the "Eastside" nearly opposite there is a check [ ]
OS1/9/11/12 [Page] 12 [Additional entry which is not listed on page or in index, but features on map:] Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway (Campsie Branch) Sculptured on Bridge Mr. Paton Station Master A Branch Railway leaving the Edinbro' [Edinburgh] & Glasgow Main line at Campsie (Junction) and terminating at the Town of Campsie.
OS1/9/11/13 FORTH AND CLYDE CANAL Forth & Clyde Canal Forth & Clyde Canal Forth & Clyde Canal Mr. Adams, Town Registrar Mr. Paton Station Master New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 024 ; 025 A Canal extending from the "Firth of Forth" to the "Firth of Clyde" hence the name.
OS1/9/11/13 HILLHEAD Hillhead Hillhead Hillhead Mr. Adams Mr. Paton New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] 024 A Street leading in an Easterly direction from the Forth & Clyde Canal
OS1/9/11/13 [Page] 13
OS1/9/11/14 [Page] 14 [Blank page]
OS1/9/11/15 HERRIET ROW Herriet Row Herriet Row Corner Ticket Mr. Adams, Town Registrar 024 A Row of 3 story dwelling houses having a Steet in front, situated a little northeast off Townhead.
OS1/9/11/15 LUGGIE WATER Luggie Water Luggie Water Luggie Water Mr. Adams. Robert Martin, Merchant New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] 024 ; 025 ; 026 A considerable Stream or burn running in a northwesterly direction thro' [through] part of the town of Kirkintilloch and falls into the River "Kelvin".
OS1/9/11/15 CANAL STREET [Kirkintilloch] Canal Street Canal Street Canal Street Mr. Adams Town Registrar Robert Martin Post Office Address 024 A street branching off the "Eastside" and terminating at the Canal.
OS1/9/11/15 GAS WORKS [Kirkintilloch] Gas Works Mr. Adams Town Registrar Robert Martin Post Office Address 024 On the south side of this street [Canal Street] are the Gas Works which supplies the town with light.
OS1/9/11/15 JOHN STREET [Kirkintilloch] John Street John Street Corner Ticket Mr. Adams 024 A short Street branching southeasterly off the end of Hillhead
OS1/9/11/15 [Page] 15 Sheet 24.8 No 24 -- Kirkintilloch -- Dumbarton
OS1/9/11/16 WATERLOO STREET [Kirkintilloch] Waterloo Street Waterloo Street Corner Ticket Mr. Adams Town Registrar 024 A very Short Street branching southeasterly off the Forth & Clyde Canal.
OS1/9/11/16 WATERLOO INN [Kirkintilloch] Waterloo Inn Sign Board 024 At the end of it [Waterloo Street] is a Public house named the Waterloo Inn.
OS1/9/11/16 BROADCROFT HOUSE Broadcroft House Broadcroft House The Rev [Reverend] Mr. Marshall Occupier Mr. Adams 024 A fine dwelling house and offices having 2 gardens and a few acres of ground attached.
OS1/9/11/16 MANSE [Kirkintilloch] Manse The Rev [Reverend] G. Little occupier 024 A fine dwelling house having offices; a garden; and a few acres of ground attached. The property of the Parish Church.
OS1/9/11/16 BARLEYBANK Barleybank Barleybank Mr. Adams Town Registrar Robert Martin 024 2 fine dwelling houses situated a little east of the manse.
OS1/9/11/16 [Page] 16
OS1/9/11/17 VICTORIA STREET [Kirkintilloch] Victoria Street Victoria Street Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Victoria Place Mr. Adams, Town Registrar 024 A Short Street branching off Cowgate Street.
OS1/9/11/17 VICTORIA PLACE [Kirkintilloch] Victoria Place Victoria Place Corner Ticket Dr. [Doctor] Stewart 024 2 fine houses on the south side of Cowgate Street the property of Dr. [Doctor] Stewart
OS1/9/11/17 SARACEN'S HEAD P.H. [Kirkintilloch] Saracen's Head PH [Public House] Saracen's Head PH [Public House] Sign Board Mr. Adams. 024 An old established public house situated at the N.W. [North West] end of Townhead,
OS1/9/11/17 CANAL BANK Canal Bank Canal Bank Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Mr. Adams 024 This name applies to that road or street leading from the Draw Bridge at the end of Townhead, and terminating at the Viaduct at the Iron Foundry.
OS1/9/11/17 IRON FOUNDRY [Kirkintilloch] Iron Foundry Mr. Forsyth Manager 024 [See entry for Canal Bank]
OS1/9/11/17 POORHOUSE Poors' House Poors' House Mr. Adams Dr. [Doctor] Stewart 024 A small building occupied as Poors' House for the Town's poor.
OS1/9/11/17 [Page] 17 Sheet 24.8 No. 25 Town of Kirkintilloch
OS1/9/11/18 FREELAND PLACE [Kirkintilloch] Freeland Place Freeland Place Freeland Place Corner Tickets Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Mr. Adams 024 A Street branching north-easterly of Townhead and terminating at the Canal Bank
OS1/9/11/18 ANDERSON'S PLACE [Kirkintilloch] Anderson's Place Anderson's Place Corner Tickets Mr. Adams 024 2 Rows of Dwelling houses on the east side of Freeland Place.
OS1/9/11/18 UNITED ORIGINAL SECESSION CHURCH [Kirkintilloch] United Original Secession Church United Original Secession Church Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Mr. Adams 024 A plain built edifice on the west side of Townhead, its interior is fitted up with pews galleries &c, sufficiently commodious for 700 Sitters
OS1/9/11/18 GLENLUGGIE Glenluggie 024 A fine dwelling house having offices, and 2 large gardens attached.
OS1/9/11/18 TOWNHEAD Townhead Townhead Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Mr. Adams 024 A street leading in a southeasterly direction from the Draw Br. [Bridge] over the [canal] and terminating at the Bridge over the Railway.
OS1/9/11/18 [Page] 18
OS1/9/11/19 BLACKHALL Blackhall Blackhall Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Mr. Adams 024 This name applies to a number of houses west of Muirhead.
OS1/9/11/19 MUIRHEAD Muirhead Muirhead Muirhead Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Mr. Adams Baillie Dalrymple 024 This name only applies to those few houses west of the Parish Road that passes Wester Woodhead
OS1/9/11/19 BACK ROW Back Row Back Row Back Row Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Baillie Dalrymple Mr. Adams 024 A row of old thatched dwellings leading westerly off Townhead.
OS1/9/11/19 INDUSTRY STREET [Kirkintilloch] Industry St. Industry St. Industry St. Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Mr. Adams Corner Ticket 024 This name applies to that part of the Trust Road, from the termination of Townhead, as far as the row of houses are extended.
OS1/9/11/19 WESTER WOODHEAD Wester Woodhead Wester Woodhead Baillie Dalrymple Dr. [Doctor] Stewart A fine farm house and Offices the property of Baillie Dalrymple
OS1/9/11/19 [Page] 19 Sheet 24-12 No. 5 Town of Kirkintilloch
OS1/9/11/20 MONKLAND & KIRKINTILLOCH RAILWAY Monkland Railways Monkland Railways Monkland Railways Dr. [Doctor] Stewart Mr. Adams Mr. Cochrane Manager 024 For description see Name List for 1/2500 Scale
OS1/9/11/20 UNITED ORIGINAL SECESSION MANSE [Kirkintilloch] United Original Secession Manse United Original Secession Manse Dr. [Doctor] Blaikley Occupier Dr. [Doctor] Stewart 024 A fine dwelling house the property of the Original United Secession Church.
OS1/9/11/20 [Page] 20 Monkland & Kirkintilloch Railway. See Documents & Plans of adjoining Parishes. [Signed] John Bayly Major R.E. [Royal Engineers]
OS1/9/11/21 KIRKINTILLOCH Kirkintilloch Kirkintilloch Kirkintilloch Kirkintilloch Kirkintilloch Kirkintilloch Kirkintulloch Old Stat Act [Statistical Accoount] New Stat Act [Statistical Account] Fullarton's Gazetteer Origines Parochiales County Map Sheriff's Return Chalmer's Caledonia 024 "The town of Kirkintilloch is a very ancient burgh of barony. It was erected about 1170, by William, King of Scots, in favour of William Crimin, Baron of Lenzie, and Lord of Cumbernauld, and still holds of the barony of Cumbernauld, for the payment of 12 merks Scots, of yearly feu duty. The privileges with which it has been endowed, are very ample. Its burgesses elect their own magistrates, independently of the lord of the barony. The magistrates are two baillies, and are annually chosen. They are empowered by the charters of the burgh, to hold courts, levy fines, imprison offenders, and even banish them from their liberties, and in short, to exercise, every right with which the baron himself was vested before the
OS1/9/11/21 [Page] 21
OS1/9/11/21 Continued on page 22
OS1/9/11/22 erection of the burgh. These rights the community have continued ever since that period to enjoy, they were in no degree affected by the act, by which the British parliament, in 1748, abolished the heritable jurisdictions in Scotland." (Old Stat Act. [Statistical Account]) "Kirkintilloch, the capital of the parish just described, and a burgh of barony stands on Luggie Water, immediately above its confluence with the Kelvin, 3 miles south-east of Campsie, 5 miles south west of Kilsyth, 7 miles north of Glasgow, and 49 miles west of Edinburgh. A small weekly market is held on Saturday, and annual fairs chiefly for cattle, are held on the second Tuesday of May, the last Thursday of July, and the 21st. October." (Fullarton's Gazetteer) "There are three fairs held annually in the burgh, chiefly for the sale of cattle, namely, on 2nd. Tuesday of May, the last Thursday of July, and the 21st. October. The market day is on Saturday, but is not much observed. The lintseed Saturdays were formerly great marts for the sale of the commodity, from whence they derived their names, but flax is not now so much cultivated as formerly, and these markets have accordingly declined with the cause which produced them." (New Stat Act. [Statistical Account])
OS1/9/11/22 [Page] 22
OS1/9/11/22 Continued from page 21
OS1/9/11/23 [Page] 23 OS1/9/11 CO. DUMBARTON (Detached) TOWN OF KIRKINTILLOCH also 1/2500
OS1/9/11/24 [Page] 24 INDEX Names -- Sheet -- Plan -- Page Anderson's Place -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 18 Bucks Head Inn -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 1 Bucks Head Close -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 1 Black Bull Inn -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 5 Back Causeway -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 6 Branch of the City of Glasgow Bank -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 7 Black Bull Close -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 7 Broadcroft House -- 24 -- 8-20 -- 16 Barleybank -- 24 -- 8-20 -- 16 Blackhall -- 24 -- 8-12 -- 19 Coal Road -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 1 Cross -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 2 Church -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 3 Crown Close -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 4 Croft Cottage -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 5 Cowgate Street -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 6 Cross Keys P.H. [Public House] -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 12 Canal Street -- 24 -- 8-20 -- 15 Canal Bank -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 17 East High Street -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 5 Eastside -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 12 Forth and Clyde Canal -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 13 Freeland Place -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 18 Gas Works -- 24 -- 8-20 -- 15 Glen Luggie -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 18 Harrieston Cottage -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 11 Hillhead -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 13 Herriot Row -- 24 -- 8-20 -- 15 Iron Foundry -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 17 John Street -- 24 -- 8-20 -- 15 Kiln Close -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 2 Ker Street -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 7 Leadgate Cottage -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 11 Lead Gate -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 11 Luggie Water -- 24 -- 8-20 -- 15 Marshall Free Church -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 6 Monkland & Kirkintilloch Raily. [Railway] -- 24 -- 12-5 -- 20 Manse -- 24 -- 8-20 -- 16 Muirhead -- 24 -- 8-12 -- 19 New Road -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 11 Oswald and Kirk Session School -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 1 Peel Brae -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 2 Prison -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 2 Post Office -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 6 Park -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 11 Poorhouse -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 17 Queen Street -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 7 Roman Camp -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 4 School of Industry -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 7 Subscription School -- 24 -- 8-24 -- 9 St David's Church -- 24 -- 8-15 -- 12 Saracen's Head P.H. [Public House] -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 17 Town Hall -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 3 Townhead -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 18 United Original Secession Ch [Church] -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 18 United Original Secession Manse -- 24 -- 12-5 -- 20 Union Street -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 7 Victoria Street -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 17 Victoria Place -- 24 -- 8-25 -- 17 West High Street -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 1 Washington Street -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 7
OS1/9/11/24 Harrieston Cottage should be Harvieston Cottage. Herriot Row should be Herriet Row.
OS1/9/11/25 [Page] 25 Names -- Sheet -- Plan -- Page Wesleyan Methodist Chapel -- 24 -- 8-19 -- 7 Waterloo Street -- 24 -- 8 20 -- 16 Waterloo Inn -- 24 -- 8 20 -- 16