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TOWN HALL [Kirkintilloch] Town hall
Town Hall
Town Hall
Mr. Adams, Town Registrar
Baillie Freeland,
Mr. Dawson
024 A Small building surmounted by a Steeple. The principal floor consists of a Court Room and 2 Cells. The floor above is occupied as the Parish School; and the ground flat as the Police Office.
CHURCH [Kirkintilloch] Church
Mr. Adams,
Baillie Freeland
Mr. Dawson
New Statistical Acct: [Account]
024 The Parish Church was built in 1644 and repaired in 1840, it contains sittings for 822 persons. This edifice, Mr. Adams says, is built on the site of a more ancient structure which had been dedicated to the Virgin Mary. "In the town of Kirkintilloch stood a Chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and was endowed with the lands of Duntiblae. This is now the parish Church."
Fullartons New Imperial Gazetteer

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"In 1659, the Parishes of Kirkintilloch & Cumbernauld
were finally separated, A new church was built
at the east end for the new parish, and the Chapel
of the Virgin Mary, built in 1644, became the parish Church
of Kirkintilloch, as at present."
New Stat. Acct: [Statistical Account]

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