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STATION (Remains of) (Continued) Auchindavy Fort (Remains of) (Continued 025 some of the projectile engines which had stood upon the platform of the Rampart; and the Well is, we should say, unquestionably that which had supplied the ancient Garrison. - Mr. Gough mentions, in his additions to Camden, that there formerly existed the remains of a Roman Bridge, consisting of five arches, which led across a Morass in the neighborhood. This Bridge has not been taken notice of by any preceding author; but it may not unlikely have been a work of the legionary soldiers, by whom no labour was spared in improving the various localities in which they were settled." Caledonia Romana
All that now remains of the great works of this Fort is a sloping but very faint hollow on what was no doubt the east side of the Station. No remains of the Military Way are to be seen all traces of it as well as the other parts of the Fort being entirely obliterated. At the south west angle of one of the Office houses of the Farm, there is a stone built into the Wall having the figure of a Roman about 6 inches in height, cut upon it. This stone is built in with the head of the figure downwards. The traces of all the ancient buildings, as well as the Roman Br. [Bridge] of which no one knows of in the locality, are destroyed. The steading stands within the Fort, & all the ground outside of the houses is cultivated. The Roman Well, which is well known, stands on the top of the present form of the Fosse, & a drain, which upon the personal authorities quoted, is a Roman Drain flows into it from beneath what was the interior of the Fort.

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