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KIRKINTILLOCH (Continued) Kirkintilloch Parish/Continued [continued from page 1]
appellation of Kirkintilloch from the town of that name, which is an ancient Burgh of Barony. In 1649 a decree of the Commissioners for the plantation of churches was obtained for dividing the Parish of Lenzie into two Parishes - The Church of the old Parish was deserted but the ruins of it with the burial ground are still extant about a mile south-east of the town of Kirkintilloch. The Virgin Mary's Chapel at Kirkintilloch became the Church of the Western Parish and a new Ch. [Church] was built for the eastern Parish in 1659 at Cumbernauld."
Chalmers' Caledonia
"Kirkintilloch is bounded on the north by the Parishes of Kilsyth and Campsie, in the County of Stirling; on the east by Cumbernauld; on the west by the Parish of Cadder; and on the South by the Parishes of Cadder and New Monkland, in the County of Lanark."
New Statistical Account
"A part of the Parish comprehending sections of both its town and its landward districts, and containing a population of 2700 was recently created into a Quoad Sacra Parish of St Davids" New Statl. [Statistical] Account.

The Kelvin, the Luggie & the Forth & Clyde Canal, are the principal waters in the Parish. The Railways are the Edinburgh & Glasgow which has one station partly in Kirkintilloch and partly in Cadder Parish, Lanarkshire; the Campsie Branch of the Edinburgh & Glasgow line; & the Kirkintilloch branch of the Monkland Raiways. The prinipal T.P. [Turn Pike] Trust is the Road from Glasgow to Edinburgh by Kirkintilloch, Kilsyth and Falkirk. There are several Branch Roads off this Road going to the same place - Edinburgh by Cumbernauld. One of these Branch T.P. [Turn Pike] Roads coming from the Cumbernauld & Glasgow Road through Mollinburn in Cadder, Lanarkshire, & through Badenheath in the south of this Parish (Trace 5. 25-11) ends at the Drawbridge on the Forth & Clyde Canal at Twechar. Bar Hill & Castle Hill are the only Hills of importance in the Parish. The Roman Wall passed on this Hill on which there is also a Fort called Barhill Fort.

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Co. [County] Dumbarton -- Kirikintilloch Parish

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