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DUBBANIEL [farm] Dubbaniel

R.D. MacKenzie Factor
John Littlejohn Occr. [Occupier]
Mr John Robb
Valuation Roll
014 A Small farm steading So called the property of Lady Leith Buchanan now occupied by John Littlejohn
CLADDOCHSIDE Claddochside Valuation Roll
R D MacKenzie Factor
George Galbraith
014 A dwelling house with Offices the property of Lady Leith Buchanan now occupied by George Galbraith

R D MacKenzie Factor
James Galbraith
Lady L Buchanan
Valuation Roll
014 A farmsteading in good Repair the property of Lady L. Buchanan now occupied by James Galbraith.

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Parish of Kilmaronock

[Below entry for Dubbaniel:]
Note There are two Cottages on 014-14, written "Dubaniel", this discrepancy has been
enquired into and both names, and modes of spelling appear to be correct. -

[Below entry for Claddochside:]
Cladach - Shore, beach. (Gaelic)

[Below entry for Gartochraggan:]
"Gart - Standing corn" (Gaelic)

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